About Us

The MGH & BWH Center for Clinical Data Science (CCDS) is a cross-functional, cross-institutional group of clinicians, researchers, data scientists, product development and translational experts. We are working to build a “smart” healthcare delivery system through the creation of an ever-learning and ever-changing set of machine learning (ML) based tools and services. Our goal is to develop and deploy applications to empower clinicians and enhance outcomes.

We are perfectly positioned to lead AI-enabled advancements in medicine given our unique combination of core capabilities:

  • We are deeply embedded in the healthcare system, allowing us insight into high value end-user needs and workflow, and providing us proper testing grounds.
  • We have access to vast stores of biomedical data, significant computational infrastructure, and data science expertise for training and testing models.
  • We lead with a product development mindset and have deep understanding of the sales channel, regulatory, translation considerations needed for commercialization.
  • We collaborate with key industry partners to ensure the commercial feasibility of scaling and distributing our solutions.