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Meet the Fellows


"What makes the environment at the CCDS so unique is the access we have to both the medical expertise of those within the Partners healthcare system, and the data and resources we need to perform data analysis at a large scale. This means that we can quickly and effectively identify problems that are relevant and useful to clinicians and researchers, and then see our developed solutions through to integration in their workflows. Another important benefit for me, coming from data science background, is the ability to broaden my knowledge by working on a range of different projects centered on different imaging modalities and clinical applications, and thereby gain a broader appreciation of how medicine and data science will interact over the coming years."
– Christopher Bridge, Postdoctoral Fellow


"The CCDS gives me the opportunity to use my medical and radiology expertise to work with some of the most reputed physicians in the world, leveraging their knowledge and experience to identify the clinical needs that could be enhanced by using machine learning applications. I have the privilege of being the clinical interface for an amazing team of world-class expert data scientists, and all together we transform the ideas and clinical needs into real products that, helping to detect and characterize medical conditions, are revolutionizing the healthcare system and the world."
– Bernardo Bizzo, Clinical Innovation Fellow


"The CCDS provides me opportunities to work on the projects that can potentially change the world. Coming from a medical imaging background, here I can leverage the skills and knowledge acquired from my PhD studies to achieve better healthcare outcomes. It is very rewarding to see our developed machine-learning tools being implemented into clinical workflows, assisting clinicians diagnose diseases and cancers more quickly and accurately. Another exciting part of the job is that I can work with talented peers. Close collaboration with clinicians enables us to address critical issues in medicine, while brainstorming with scientists and engineers leads to innovative solutions. The intellectual exchange between data science and medicine keeps moving us forward rapidly."
– Jen-Tang Lu, Data Science Innovation Fellow


"The CCDS provides me with the perfect place to leverage my backgrounds of data science and clinical medicine. Specifically, while there are many great ideas and talented people in the medical startup space, true medical innovation has been limited due to issues with access to data and the ability to validate products.  The CCDS – a collaboration the first of its kind –  provides a unique solution to the problem of data and validation. Thus, the ability to work on clinically useful products, sourced from real clinician user stories, with unrivaled access to data, compute and ML expertise fills me with the sense of excitement and motivation. Given the unique position of the Center, I have no doubt that the CCDS will make significant contributions to medicine and medical AI. Supported by an amazing group of colleagues at the CCDS, I constantly challenge myself to help contribute to that success of transforming medicine with technology."

– Ryan King, Innovation Fellow


"Using machine learning to improve healthcare requires a combination of clinical expertise, engineering talent and computational infrastructure.  The CCDS is one of the few places that combines all of these, providing access to world class medical practitioners, an excellent technical team and all the resources required to build great solutions.  A major draw for me was the prospect of driving the innovation from within a hospital system: healthcare will only benefit from computational advances if the applications are designed with heavy clinical involvement and buy in throughout the process, and the Center has the right setup to do this.  The industry will look very different in the next few decades, and I expect that the CCDS will play a large role in this oncoming change."

– Gopal Kotecha, Clinical Innovation Fellow